Low Light Photography Tricks Using a Smartphone

The camera on a smartphone continues to experience development. From what used to have VGA quality, it has now been upgraded with a megapixel value equivalent to a digital camera. In addition, several modes on digital cameras are also owned such as macros, low light, to the effect of making bokeh. With the latest technology, […]

Food Photography Tips for Using a Mobile Camera

Do you like food photography? But don’t have a DSLR camera? No problem, you can still do it with a cellphone camera. Want to know how to photograph food properly? Take a peek at the following tips. We will provide a number of tips and tricks for those of you who like to take pictures […]

10 Portrait Photo Tips For Android Phones

Although these tips are actually intended for users of Android phones, actually these tips can also be applied on other phones. 1. Get close This is the most important trick in good portrait photos. That is the closer the distance between the camera and the subject, the blur or bokeh on the background of the […]