We often get interesting content ideas that may be executable or doable to be used as blog content. Don’t let the idea slip by just because you don’t know how to create a blog.

But, is the blog still worth looking at in 2020? 67% of people need to read about 3-5 blogs to find out the main topics or products offered by the website so the short answer is “Yes, blogs are still worth a glance.” Through this article, you will know your purpose of using a blog, various types of how to create a blog.

When deciding to write a blog, no one can beat your freedom of opinion. Fifty years ago, maybe only the big media were able to express opinions to the masses.

But now, everyone can share their thoughts and even change the course of opinion. Although social media is often the media used to express opinions, blogs are still the main concern. Because, in addition to a forum that allows authors to express ideas and thoughts, how to create a blog is also not as difficult as expected, you know.

A blog for What?

But if you think about it, what are your goals for creating a blog? Don’t just understand how to create a blog, but first, consider the types of blogs that are suitable and according to your reasons for creating the following website before learning how to create a blog.

Hobbies write:

1. Traveling blog

When you travel, don’t forget to take notes in a diary. Not only reminds you of that experience but who knows you can also help others. Yes, share your experience with the blog, then include a few tips or expenses that you spend while traveling, who knows your website can be like that of Ms. Trinity.

2. Blog about politics

Stating an opinion on a blog about politics does not necessarily mean you side with one of the camps. But, you can research or analyze the government or political situation in a particular area that makes you interested to discuss it.

3. Fashion blog

If you like the topic of how to dress, the latest fashion trends or fashion products that are loved by many people, this type of blog can be a good idea. Not only limited to discussing the latest trends, but you can also share your unique fashion style, you know!

4. Share personal experiences

Traveling to horrific historical places, teaching orphans in disaster areas, or meeting talented children with disabilities can be interesting topics that you can share on blogs. Besides sharing experiences, maybe you can also inspire other young people to experience unique experiences like yourself.

5. Movie blog

Movie blogs usually contain news, reviews, facts, or discussions about films that have been screened, currently, or will be aired. Besides, you can also discuss unique facts related to the profile of the cast. In addition to combining writing skills with a hobby of watching, you also have the opportunity to get a movie premiere ticket if your blog has begun to be known to many people.

Sharing knowledge:

1. DIY Blog

As the name suggests, a DIY blog or Do-It-Yourself is a blog that is intended to share tips on producing works that you can make at home. You can see examples of Paper & Stitch websites that often do DIY, both for fashion, gifts, or home decor.

2. Blogs related to finance

Through blogs that share knowledge related to finance or finance, you can help many people understand how to best manage finances. No need to bother discussing how to manage company finances, you can start sharing tips or financial knowledge for individuals or small businesses, such as the Save the Student website.

3. Business blog

Just like when you travel, running a business is also an unforgettable “trip” that needs to be noted. You can share tips or personal opinions about the business that you live in. Not only sharing experiences, but you can also motivate others to become business people like you.

4. Animal lover blog

Choose one of the animals that you like to discuss, because you can also use a blog as a means of sharing information related to animals, such as suitable foods or should be avoided, diseases that often attack these animals or festivals that involve animals. No need to be afraid you will create your article because you can open submissions for those who are interested in writing for your blog. Besides, you can also use the blog as a means of discussion for animal lovers.

5. Lifestyle blog

If you like exploring certain cultures and lifestyles, this blog idea is for you. Through lifestyle blogs, you can share history-related articles from a culture or place, discuss the lives of people in a particular area, or inform cultural festivals that are held around you.

Marketing objective:

1. Music blog and musician

To gain profits, you can create a blog with this type. The reason is, not only adding one or two sentences at the end of the article, but you can also get higher awareness when your website successfully reaches a high ranking on Google, for example like the music blog CreativeDisc.com.

2. Blog parenting

Usually, parenting blogs can get loyal followers in large numbers. Therefore, you can use this to create a parenting blog while promoting relevant products.

3. Sports blog

If you are interested in discussing topics about sports, you can simultaneously take advantage of this opportunity by creating a sports blog while selling products from the blog. One example is Fitness, but don’t forget to prioritize the quality of the article, yes!

4. Food blog and recipes

In contrast to food review blogs, this one blog you can use to sell food that suits your food business. An example is Qetring.com which often discusses food from various regions to several recipes while offering catering food.

5. Blog related to gaming

Who doesn’t like to play games? Especially if you can find a community of gamers from a blog, sounds fun, right? You can use this opportunity to gather a community of gamers while presenting an area to promote gaming related products.

Although blogs that seem to make a profit directly are blogs with marketing goals, it doesn’t rule out the blog that you created to fulfill a hobby or share knowledge cannot be used for profit as well. At least, there are 7 ways to create a blog that you can also use to monetize your blog. Check out the article from here.

After determining what type of blog you want to create, it’s time you know that there are 152 million other blogs worldwide. So, what is unique about your blog? Therefore, your job is to present interesting content that also contains the right amount of keywords so that it not only benefits others but can also be read by search engines.

So that your blog can reach the first page of Google, there are several main factors that you need to consider, namely the speed and security of the blog, compliance with SEO requirements, and make sure your blog uses the WordPress CMS. Because, WordPress not only offers ease of use, but also a myriad of plugins that can optimize the function of your website and are more easily detected by Google.

How to create a blog

6 steps to create a blog:

  • Determine the Main Topics According to Interests.
  • Select the Blog Platform.
  • Choose the Best Hosting Service.
  • WordPress Installation.
  • Start writing.
  • Prepare your Website for Promotion.
  • The following explanation of how to create a blog:

1. Determine the Main Topics According to Interests

Not only understanding how to create a blog, but one of the factors that can help maintain the consistency of a blog is the commitment of the content creator. Therefore, you must be able to spur your enthusiasm by searching for topics that match your interests. From some of the types of blogs above, now you can start looking for a niche for your blog first. After that, do how to create the next blog, which is to choose the blog platform.

2. Select Blog Platform

To have an existence, your blog needs a container called “platform”. Various types of platforms fit your blog’s purpose, such as WordPress, Blogger, Wix, Medium, and even micro-blogging like Tumblr. However, despite all the advantages and disadvantages, WordPress is still the most appropriate choice if you want to create a blog, because:

  1. It only takes a few minutes to prepare a blog.
  2. Suitable if your blog is only intended to create tasks that do not require SEO.
  3. The interface in the WordPress CMS is easy to understand.
  4. Free.

But, you also need to consider a few things that WordPress lacks, such as:

  1. There is no domain.
  2. The theme is limited and cannot install plugins.
  3. It’s hard to turn a blog into SEO-friendly so that it can appear at the top of the Google Search Engine Result Page (SERP).
  4. Does not look credible

Before proceeding further, you need to know that there are two types of WordPress platforms, namely WordPress.org which can provide all the facilities like websites and WordPress.com which provides free blogging services.

But, please also note that you need to spend at least Rp1.3 million per year to get this service. Also, when faced with problems, it will be more difficult to ask if you do not have someone else (read: Ninja Support) to help you solve the problem.

Therefore, you need to prepare another plan, which is to use the WordPress platform with self-hosting or installing hosting yourself. Calm down, calm down, you are not alone, but instead, use the services of a hosting provider. The next step will be to discuss further.

3. Choose the Best Hosting Service

As a memory card, hosting you can use it as a data storage that you have on your blog. Of course, you want a secure memory storage system, right? In addition to security, the ability to ensure blog page loading speed is also important, because Google will detect these factors when ranking Google SERP.

Not only that, but the sophistication of cloud hosting technology is also worth considering. In addition to security and ease of data access, cloud hosting also offers more flexible memory storage and higher backup speeds when your website has a problem.

Therefore, make sure that your blog is on a secure, fast, and reliable hosting. It would be better if you can get a free domain for your blog so you don’t have to worry about additional costs for the domain.

4. Installing WordPress

You already have two things that are required to have a blog, which is hosting and domain. The following is a WordPress CMS install so you can manage the content that you want to upload:

  1. Click the link in the email that directs you to the cPanel login, then log in using your username and password.
  2. After arriving at the cPanel main page, scroll down then click “WordPress” in the Softaculous Apps Installer column or search for “Softaculous” and click “WordPress”.
  3. This is the appearance after you click “WordPress”, click Install Now to immediately install WordPress.
  4. Fill in the required data, some important points that you need to fill in are the name and description of the site, admin profile, plugins, and themes. But still, if you have not been able to determine, you can change the name and description of the site, plugins, and themes after installing WordPress. If so, click the “Install” button.
  5. Done. In some time, the cPanel display will look like the one below.

5. Start writing

You’re all set! After successfully installing the CMS, it means you have successfully run a way to create a blog that can start making your first blog article. Make content that fits your niche and if you want to make a variety of topics, don’t get too far from your blog’s topic! Use this opportunity as much as possible so that you can maximize the blog you have.

6. Prepare your Website for Promotion

When writing articles, make sure you maximize the quality of your content with enough relevant keywords. After that, do off-page assignments for your blog, which are marketing activities, aka website promotions and backlink exchanges. Good luck!

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