The Welch Way

Put “The Welch Way” to Work In Your Own Career

Jack Welch was one of the 20th century’s most dynamic and successful corporate leaders. The Welch Way examines the techniques and behaviors that the legendary CEO used to transform GE from a manufacturing dinosaur into the world’s most adaptive, responsive mega-corporation, and how they can be implemented in virtually any situation.

Detailed yet accessible, The Welch Way is filled with Welch quotes, insights, action ideas, and other unique and innovative features. Business leaders as well as those who aspire to the mantle of leadership will get the inside track on how Welch inspired hundreds of thousands of managers and employees to:

  • Embrace change
  • Defy tradition
  • Lead by energizing others
  • Blow up bureaucracy
  • Pounce on every opportunity
  • Set stretch goals
  • Move beyond boundaries
  • Spark others to perform
  • Get good ideas from everywhere

History will reveal Jack Welch to be exactly the right leader at exactly the right time. His leadership standards and strategies, on the other hand, are timeless. The Welch Way details two dozen of Welch’s most pertinent, powerful secrets, and will provide you with a model for dynamic leadership that involves every worker, at every level, and is proven to work in any industry or economic climate.

“How Jack Welch performed the largest corporate makeover in history is what this book is about. The Welch Way does not focus on the specific growth strategies of Welch’s revolution (e.g., stressing service over manufacturing), but instead on the behavioral and cultural forces behind the strategies. What follows are the leadership secrets employed by GE’s eighth chairman in his two-decade journey to change the destiny of one of the world’s great corporations.”
–From the Introduction

Jack Welch became one of history’s most accomplished CEOs by rewriting the rules of leadership, and letting hands-on, frontline employees–instead of bureaucrats–tell him what needed to be done. The Welch Way distills Welch’s management style into a fast-moving, hard-hitting plan for leadership success, one that will help anyone reach the top in any professional setting.

The first book written specifically to help managers and employees apply Welch’s actions and success strategies to their own careers, The Welch Way shines a light on how innovative and unpretentious leadership can spark employees to contribute above and beyond their normal duties, to take pride in their company and its products, and to help create a learning environment that is as exciting as it is transformative. Drawing on Welch’s life and career, it explains how you can follow the Welch model to:

  • Articulate a top-to-bottom vision that is tangible, stimulating, and achievable
  • Involve everyone in the game, and make sure everyone plays to win
  • Defy tradition, retaining only the best current practices while discarding the rest
  • Make intellect rule by ensuring that everyone’s voice is heard
  • Embrace change as a competitive weapon, at every level of the organization

Jack Welch transformed GE into one of the world’s most valuable corporations by developing no-nonsense plans, and then getting his people so passionate about what they were doing that they couldn’t wait to execute those plans. Let The Welch Way show you how to bring Welch-like success to any professional environment, and reach new heights in today’s wide-open, idea-driven workplace.

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