Inside Drucker’s Brain

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In late 2003, ninety-four-year-old Peter Drucker invited me to his home for a daylong interview. He spoke candidly about his seminal management principles, his enormous body of work, (thirty-eight books over six decades), and the leaders he had advised over the years (Jack Welch).

It took many months for me to transcribe the six-hour plus taped interview, but the lessons I learned were not immediately clear. I had to allow some months, even years, for them to sink in. I learned more about Drucker that day — and the real essence of management — than I had during the many years I had read him and other seminal figures in the field. In twenty plus years I had published management books by countless authors. Yet not one gave me the education I had gained at Drucker’s side in that one remarkable day.

His lessons delved into the areas of education, society, politics, and medicine. Drucker was the ultimate Renaissance man, and when he died, an enormous body of knowledge died with him.

Drucker lived a life based on embracing tomorrow and abandoning yesterday. Along the way he discovered an important paradox: in order to build one must tear down. Drucker had little problem tearing things down, abandoning what did not work, leaving behind what was no longer important. That was how he was able to accomplish so much.

The chief goal of Inside Drucker’s Brain is to give readers a fresh perspective into the thought pattern of this extraordinary thinker. At the same time, by including many contemporary examples, I hope to bring a part of a part of Drucker’s incredible body of knowledge to life, and show how so many of his seminal ideas are as relevant today as when they were written.

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