Ghostwriter Needed?

I have learned that there are many great potential authors who can use some help on the writing side. I found this is especially true in the business book category. Great business minds are usually so focused on their passion (e.g. investing, leading) that writing may not be at the top of their skill set. In fact, some of the best business folks I know often need help when facing the blank page. They have a great idea but they might not know how to get it down on paper. I also understand that time is one of their scarcest resources, and I am able to get ideas on paper using the least amount of the author’s time. 

I worked in business publishing for almost 30 years and some of the best books I’ve read during that time were scribed with the help of a ghostwriter. The key thing to keep in mind is that there is nothing wrong with that. I have been hired to work as a ghostwriter by several top notch business types who knew that writing was not their strongest suit, and if you are thinking about writing a book in the business category, I would like to work with you.  

To get in touch with me and discuss your writing needs, feel free to email me at: If you are the busiest of business people, you will be glad that you did.

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