Literary Business Off to a Great Start

success-arrow-imageIt has been too long since you last heard from me but that’s only because my writing and agenting business has been going so well.  I have been working like a dog in my one-year-old-plus company, and I am delighted to report that things could not be much better. That’s because I have had the good fortune to work with some of the greatest people I have ever worked with—including the great authors I have worked with in my 27 years in corporate America.  

I take great pride in the work I have done with co-host of the new hit CNBC show Strategy Session—Gary Kaminsky.  Gary has emerged as one of CNBC’ s brightest new stars, a sagacious and singular figure that knows more about the financial markets than most anyone I know.  He is a rare client that has become a good friend, and my agency owes him a huge debt of gratitude. That’s because my business is a referral business, and Gary has sent other CNBC colleagues my way and I have benefited greatly from these important relationships. 

In fact, I am now working with one of the other ingenious market experts and CNBC personalities—the Chief Market Strategist of Virtus Investment Partners—Joe Terranova. If the name sounds familiar it should—Joe is one of the stars of the highly successful CNBC show, Fast Money.  It took me almost two years of prodding to convince Joe to write a book; he is simply too modest and didn’t think the time was right for a book until now.  His book has garnered great interest from the publishing world and will be published by one of the great business publishers next year.

That’s about it for now. I must get back to work if I am going to make my deadlines!! I will be checking in far more often so please be sure to check my blog every so often.


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