Authors Who Have No Time to Write, Write the Best Books

Like so much in publishing, this truism is something of a paradox. If one has no time to write books, how can they turn out any books, never mind the best ones? But this assertion—that the busiest authors are the best—is absolutely irrefutable.


Over the years I have edited hundreds of books by authors of evey kind and stripe. Almost without fail, the best books come from the authors with the most irons in the fire . You know the type. These authors lead Fortune 500 companies, they teach executive education in top B-schools, they blog, consult, put on seminars, conduct large scale research studies and more. These are the owners of the laptops which produce the best books.

To get their books written, these authors write everywhere, especially on planes.  [One of my favorite authors, Simon Sinek, author of the upcoming book, Start with Why, would buy plane tickets on Delta Airlines just because he writes best on planes!].

There is one more key reason that the busiest authors are the best ones. Once the book is published, it is the authors with the frenzied schedules that will help their publishers to sell the book.  All of the activities I listed above—consulting, putting on seminars, blogging, leading big companies—these authors naturally spark book sales. It is the idle author, who does little or few of these things, who do little to help their own cause. So my advice to aspiring authors? Fill your schedule to the brim and start writing!


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