7 Realities of Business Book Publishing

1. Writing your first book always takes longer than you think.



2. Writing for the money is always a losing proposition.

3.  Every business category is overcrowded and over-published.

4. Authors that have no time to write books write the best ones.

5.  No author should entrust her publisher with 100 percent of the marketing of her book. It’s more like 50-50, with the author responsible for half of her own promotional campaign. 

6.  Authors who fall in love with their own words write the most boring books.  

 7.  Like a trial attorney who represents himself at trial, representing yourself [as an author] ensures that you, too, have a fool for a client.

I expect to elaborate on some of these in the days and weeks ahead. Please come back often as I will be blogging three times a week in the near future (I have been posting twice a week) .


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