A New Business, A New Life


 I am delighted to announce the founding of my new company, Jeffrey Krames Literary Services, Inc. Earlier this month, Portfolio—which I have had the privilege to work with full-time for three years—and I altered our  relationship (no longer full-time) so that I could still do the occasional big project for them while pursuing my dream: starting and running my own publishing business.

Jeffrey Krames Literary Services has a singular aim: to help authors, aspiring authors, and publishers bring the best possible books to market. We will choose to work with individuals who bring the same level of passion to the written word that we do. We will accomplish this worthwhile goal by providing three types of services:

* A Literary Agency

* Writing and Ghostwriting

* Publishing Consulting

You can read more about this by linking to the home page of my site—jeffreykrames.com—and clicking on each of the three services.

We do not plan to sign up scores of authors or take on a dozen writing assignments at a time.  Ours will be more of a family-run business that always puts authors and publishers first. Our focus will always be on quality over quantity—and we will doggedly search for those passionate authors who write a book to make a difference—not a buck (although there  is nothing  wrong with a buck).

If you want to contact me you can do so easily through my website at jeffreykrames.com. I will provide updates from time to time on the state of the business book publishing industry. But most of my future blog postings for the next few months will provide tips, secrets, and inspiration to help authors achieve their dreams of getting published by first rate publishers.


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  1. Sharla Inman on February 8th, 2012 8:44 pm

    Hello Mr. Krames,
    Mr. James K. Elrod, the longest tenured hospital administrator in the U.S., asked me to find the right literary agent for his book on turning a struggling inner-city neighborhood sanitarium into Willis-Knighton Health System, the largest, most successful medical center in Louisiana.

    It would be a pleasure to speak to you about this opportunity. Thank you!

    Sharla Inman

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