The Busiest Store in Manhattan?

M & M's World

While last week I detailed the slowest parts of the New York economy, let me describe one store that is bucking the trend—a destination store that always does boffo business (and it’s not one you might expect).

When I am in NY, I always stay in a hotel in Times Square. I love the energy of the place, the dueling neon billboards and the scores of tourists wowed by the bigness of it all. With all of the Broadway shows in the neighborhood, it seems more like a vacation than a business trip. I often stay at the “W” Hotel Times Square, and on my last visit was able to nab a corner room. From my 32nd story window, I had the perfect view of one of Manhattan’s newest attractions.   

Now that I have kids (two twin 4 1/2 year old boys) with epic sweet tooths, I felt honor bound to visit that store—M&M World—one evening after work. I could not believe how jam-packed it was, mostly with tourists eyeing the latest M&M dispenser or any number of M&M products. There were millions of M&M’s and scores of  M&M dispensers—spread out over three floors.  It was like a cult—but for M&M’s? Go figure. In the midst of this deep recession people have cut back on spending in a big way, but they can’t get enough of these  tiny round chocolates. If someone visited us from another planet, they would think that we have priorities that are upside down at best. With this store being such a hit, I can’t wait for the next candy store to open in Times Square:  Snickers Planet?


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